Butter London Slapper and Disco Biscuit + Lush Lemony Flutter February 15, 2012

I recently won two amazing giveaways and I feel so very lucky that I did. I rarely win anything and these were two that I was really really really hoping I would win!

The first of these giveaways was Lush Lemony Flutter from a flattering tale. I had been wanting to try this for a while after hearing many rave reviews about it on many blogs but I am super picky about any lotions and things that go on my hands so I was reluctant to purchase it. I am happy to report that I love everything about it and definitely plan on picking some up when it runs out. I love the texture, the smell, the application. It’s different from other cuticle treatments because you can use it for multiple purposes. You can use it on rough elbows or heels. I’ve even been using it as a lip balm. Everyone is probably familiar with Lush but if you aren’t, everything is made by hand with the freshest ingredients. They put little stickers on each product that shows who made it, the date it was made and the date it is best used before. The Lemony Flutter that I won was made by Nic on my birthday! I’m pretty sure that means this little tub of luxurious butter was meant for my fingertips.

The second giveaway was from short is the new black. I was able to choose any two colors from the Butter London Spring 2012 collection. I chose the ones I wanted based on bottle shots not actual swatches. Disco Biscuit jumped out at me. It looked like the perfect Spring/Summer color. I am soooo happy I chose that one. It is different from everything I have. Disco Biscuit is a bright pink jelly with the tiniest blue/purple glitter. The pictures below are three thin coats of Disco Biscuit and two coats of top coat. It is top coat hungry and could have probably even used a third coat. It is very sheer and would probably layer nicely over other colors. I would like to try it over black and white.

As I was waiting for them to arrive I kept lusting after swatches on the web and started doubting my second choice. My second pick was Slapper. It was what my gut told me to pick because it is in my favorite color family but since it is in my favorite color family I already have colors that I thought were so similar. However, none of the swatches (including mine) show the true color of this beauty. It is much greener than any of the swatches. It’s actually greener than it appears in the bottle! So I will only post one picture of it because it isn’t color accurate at all.

Thank you ladies for hosting these fantastic giveaways, you have made me very happy! If you aren’t familiar with their blogs please check them out.

a flattering tale

short is the new black




4 Responses to “Butter London Slapper and Disco Biscuit + Lush Lemony Flutter”

  1. Slapper looks amazing on your nails and so does Disco Buiscuit! So happy you love the colors!

  2. Lulu Says:

    Disco Buiscuit looks amazing on you & One of these days I should try that lush. I’ve heard such good things about it.

    • sugarmitten Says:

      Thank you! Disco Biscuit is so pretty! And I absolutely love Lemony Flutter. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from Lush and the sales associates are always so helpful and never pushy.

  3. camartinsky Says:

    pretty! i keep wanting to try butter

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