Manicure Monday: Catching Up January 21, 2013

Sorry about my lack of posts the last couple of weeks. I’ve been settling into a new job and a new schedule. I took pictures of some of my manis over the past couple weeks and will share those with you now.

This first manicure is Julep Mila. I did this mani when I was planning on participating in Judi’s “Julep January” theme. Watch Judi’s eye opening video to find out why “Julep January” didn’t last very long. I knew the Julep bottles contained less polish than standard bottles but to see how much is actually contained in those bottles was enough to make me second guess my Julep Maven subscription. I’m still debating on whether I want to continue as a Julep Maven. On one hand I love the excitement of it but on the other hand I feel like I am getting ripped off. I’m most likely going to be cancelling in the next day or two before February’s box ships. What are your thoughts on the Julep Maven program?

Julep Mila

For my next mani I wanted to incorporate the color of the year: EMERALD. I added a little leopard print and I was good to go!



Emerald Leopard

On to my current mani: I took inspiration from one of the nail sets I created for sugarshorts available HERE.


Skulls and red roses with silver studs.





What’s on your nails?


3 Responses to “Manicure Monday: Catching Up”

  1. Talented nail art. I used to do nail art all the time in the 80’s when my children were young, not so much now. I enjoy looking at yours.The plaid is so pretty with good colors. I’m wearing Sally Hansen Complete Cherry Cherry Bang Bang.

  2. Judi Tierney Says:

    First off, I’m so sorry the Jlep January idea went south. The more I thought about it and the more rude they were to me, well, I hope you understand. Your nails are gorgeous, as always. You are very talented. And for that reason, I also nominated you for a blog if the year, so yu may add another star to your icon! I hope you get all 6 because you deserve them! Well done.
    Hoe all is well with you, talk to yu soon.
    Your friend, Judi

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