January 1, 2013

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This is the best polish storage/organization idea I have ever seen!

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The Mani Cave…oh how I’ve neglected you. Finally in early December I threw in the towel and committed to picking up the quest after the New Year. I haven’t completely ignored the room. Over the last few weeks I’ve bought lighting, fabric and a few other items. They are piling up in the corner just waiting for installation. But what I really want to show you is this…

Yesterday, I spent hours and hours hanging one of my new polish shelving systems. I wanted something with a TON of storage. But I also wanted it to be a piece of art in and of itself. I just couldn’t get excited about the traditional acrylic polish racks. I knew I wanted something glass or metal and very clean and minimal. Awhile back, I had the bright idea to use cabinet pulls from IKEA. After bringing home at least four different types…

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  1. addercatter Says:

    I am SO jealous of this. Unfortunately, I have zero wall space left for anything of this nature. Sadly, all my polishes are in huge dump bags. It makes me sad 😦

    • sugarmitten Says:

      I have two acrylic nail polish racks (and need a third) but I love this so much more. If I had seen this before I bought my acrylic racks I would have done this for sure!

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