Manicure Monday: SantaCon Edition December 17, 2012

This past Saturday was SantaCon here in San Francisco. SantaCon is everyone’s chance to be Santa! Dress up as Santa or any of his merry helpers (elves, trees, reindeer, milk and cookies, etc) and spread the Christmas cheer! SantaCon originated in San Francisco in 1994 and now takes place in 37 countries and 276 cities. Ways of participating in SantaCon are passing out candy canes, giving toys to children, giving gloves/hats to homeless, having a snowball fight, etc. In general, Santa consumes many adult beverages during SantaCon and the entire city turns into a bar crawl.

Here are some pictures from the 2012 SF SantaCon:


Unfortunately the weather was cold and rainy but it was so much fun seeing red EVERYWHERE!!! Some people came up with some very creative costumes as well. Our little group was made up of a reindeer, a Christmas tree and a Santa.


I dressed as a Christmas tree for SantaCon so I decided to paint my nails with Christmas presents!





What things do you do to spread the holiday cheer?


10 Responses to “Manicure Monday: SantaCon Edition”

  1. Sarsha Says:

    Sounds like fun! And that’s such a cute mani 😀

  2. judit1661 Says:

    So glad you are back sharing with all of us! And I love your new layout, are you happy with it? I know it took a few tries for me to be happy with mine, and I’m still not so sure?
    Yu always do such a good job with your nails! Pretty!
    Xoxo– Judi

  3. mom Says:

    Went to the place around the corner and had a really shitty manicure. Thought about what a good job you do.

  4. Adore that holiday mani! I’m so jealous, wishing we had Santa Con here, I’d definitely go :).

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