Photo A Day May May 13, 2012

6. You:

7. Someone That Inspires You: My Grandparents

8. A Smell you Adore: Coffee

9. Something You Do Everyday: Drink coffee

10. A Favorite Word:

11. Kitchen:

12. Something That Makes You Happy:  I need like two more of these racks because the upside down bottles aren’t very stable and I still have two more boxes of polish.

You can follow me on twitter and instagram to see these photos plus others daily! Both are @sugarmitten



3 Responses to “Photo A Day May”

  1. Mom Says:

    Love the pictures!!

  2. am1ec Says:

    Ha very creative to put bottles upside down for more room.

    • sugarmitten Says:

      They aren’t very stable so I definitely don’t recommend it! I need to get at least 2 more racks cause I have the upside down ones plus two more boxes!

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