Photo A Day April and May May 6, 2012

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA the past few days. Most of last week I had a terrible migraine and then a super busy weekend. Hopefully regular posts will continue this week!

29. Circle:

30. Something that makes you sad:

In case you missed the rest of April, you can find week 1 HERE, week 2 HERE, week 3 HEREΒ and week 4 HERE.

And now for May’s list:

1. Peace:

2. Skyline:

3. Something You Wore:

4. Fun!

5. Bird:

I post the photo a day each day on instagram and twitter if you want to follow me on either of those (@sugarmitten).


7 Responses to “Photo A Day April and May”

  1. Oh my goddddd !! i m going to do the May thing as well !!! Now if only i can find seven photos in one day to post tomorrow !!!

  2. am1ec Says:

    Wonder why the guy in the bird photo didn’t smile πŸ™‚ lol
    I hope to make it through May this time…i have yet to complete a whole month…i lose steam midway through. Love ur pics!

  3. Again, I love the photos! Argh, I have been running so far behind lately I havent haas the chance to start my may photos, but I will… πŸ™‚

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