Plasma Plays in 21 Ways – #20 (Yellow) & 21 (Black Stamp) April 26, 2012

Plasma Plays in 21 Ways

1 Rock a Nude Shade
2 Add a Layer of Shimmer/Glitter/Anything You Choose, To That Nude
3 Polka Dots (get creative, do multi colors, do it over the nude from before or change your base color, go monochromatic) So many options!
4 Execute a half moon manicure!
5 Go dark
6 Stamp some metallic polish over that dark with the image plate of your choice!
7 Do a gradient of 2 colors or more (check YT for different kinds of techniques)
8 Get your stripe on. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, one, two, seven?! oh what to do!
9 Ruffian! Example 
10 Ombre nails
11 Pick a color you’ve never worn (I’m hoping I’m not the only one with untrieds) lol
12 Pick a green
13 Add a layer of polish over that green that you think doesn’t go with it! (orange glitter?) be creative! Get ugly! 
14 Today, we will wear blues!
15 Grab a straw and do some paint splatters over that blue! One color, multicolored, whichever you please! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see this tutorial
16 Wear a pink
17 Add flowers to that pink *stamps, one-stroke, dotted flowers* you choose!
18 Wear a purple
19 Add a chevron (those triangles) to your purple! Use scotch tape if you need help!
20 Go yellow
21 Finally, add a black stamp to that yellow

# 20 Go yellow

# 21 Finally, add a black stamp to that yellow

That wraps up the entire challenge! It was a lot of fun and went super quick since I ended up combining some of the days. I love how she built on existing manicures rather than starting over each day. I definitely recommend this one to anyne looking for a challenge to try. The original post from PlasmaSpeedo can be found HERE.


5 Responses to “Plasma Plays in 21 Ways – #20 (Yellow) & 21 (Black Stamp)”

  1. normandlou Says:

    That’s a really pretty stamp!

  2. everysensory Says:

    I love that combo, especially with the black accent nails tying it all together further. 🙂

  3. am1ec Says:

    You are a great stamper 🙂

    • sugarmitten Says:

      Oh thank you but I’m really not! I get lucky sometimes! Ha! I rarely stamp and I only have one set of plates (the first Bundle Monster set). The ones that are supposed to cover my full nail are too narrow and most of the other ones I’m not that crazy about or don’t work very well so I just rarely use them.

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