Plasma Plays in 21 Ways – #12 (Green) & 13 (Get Ugly!) April 22, 2012

Plasma Plays in 21 Ways

1 Rock a Nude Shade
2 Add a Layer of Shimmer/Glitter/Anything You Choose, To That Nude
3 Polka Dots (get creative, do multi colors, do it over the nude from before or change your base color, go monochromatic) So many options!
4 Execute a half moon manicure!
5 Go dark
6 Stamp some metallic polish over that dark with the image plate of your choice!
7 Do a gradient of 2 colors or more (check YT for different kinds of techniques)
8 Get your stripe on. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, one, two, seven?! oh what to do!
9 Ruffian! Example 
10 Ombre nails
11 Pick a color you’ve never worn (I’m hoping I’m not the only one with untrieds) lol
12 Pick a green
13 Add a layer of polish over that green that you think doesn’t go with it! (orange glitter?) be creative! Get ugly! 
14 Today, we will wear blues!
15 Grab a straw and do some paint splatters over that blue! One color, multicolored, whichever you please! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see this tutorial
16 Wear a pink
17 Add flowers to that pink *stamps, one-stroke, dotted flowers* you choose!
18 Wear a purple
19 Add a chevron (those triangles) to your purple! Use scotch tape if you need help!
20 Go yellow
21 Finally, add a black stamp to that yellow

#12 Pick A Green:

#13 Add a layer of polish over that green that you think doesn’t go with it! (orange glitter?) be creative! Get ugly!

I have to say that this is definitely the first time that I was intentionally trying to make my nails ugly! Well, besides my bloody zombie nails for Halloween. I don’t hate it though, I think it looks alright for what it is. I’m not really into shatter anymore. When shatter first came out I was going crazy calling all the stores trying to track it down but I rarely use it anymore. It’s not that I don’t like shatter but I just rarely reach for it. How do you feel about shatter?

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4 Responses to “Plasma Plays in 21 Ways – #12 (Green) & 13 (Get Ugly!)”

  1. normandlou Says:

    I’ve never been a fan of shatter. I actually do t even own any. My pet peeve is when I spend a long time doing something fun to my nails and the Walmart girl says “is that shatter?” ha!

  2. Tina B Says:

    Nope, shatter never caught my attention that much. Tried it, own it, never wear it. Would I buy another, no. Interesting that this “ugly” manicure turned out pretty nice :).

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