Julep Spring Mystery Box April 15, 2012

I received my Julep Spring mystery box yesterday. If you are unfamiliar with the Julep mystery boxes, you pay $19.99 and you get a box full of products worth $60-200. You don’t have to be a Julep Maven to purchase a mystery box but if you are a Maven you get free shipping. With the Spring boxes Julep shipped various products and some boxes included gift certificates. I think I got the most common box. I was of course disappointed that I didn’t get on of the bigger boxes with more products and a gift certificate but the products I got retail for $74+ so I definitely got a good deal.

  • Julep Basecoat ($14) The foundation to a long-lasting manicure. Protects nails from yellowing and staining caused by dark nail color. Professional quality “4-free” nail polish formulation, developed without carcinogens such as formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin, toluene and DBP.
  • Julep Sienna ($14)
  • Julep Anne ($14)
  • Julep Melissa ($14)
  • Julep Essential Cuticle Oil ($18) All natural blend of essential oils and Vitamin E hydrates and strengthens nails and cuticles. Extends the life of your manicure while leaving a glossy sheen. Use daily to soften rough cuticles and strengthen nails. The convenient roller-ball application allows you to take your Julep Essential Cuticle Oil everywhere you go.
  • Nail File
  • Chocolates

Julep Sienna – 2 coats, no topcoat:

Julep describes Sienna as a “sophisticated, shimmery gold” and that is precisely what it is. It’s really quite stunning, it’s sort of a silvery gold rather than a yellow gold so I think it will flatter all skin tones.

Julep Anne – 2 coats, no topcoat:

Julep describes Anne as an “ultra-saturated violet”. My camera didn’t capture this color accurately. It is a pretty bright violet. It’s showing much bluer in the picture than it is, it is definitely more purple than it looks here. It dries matte and uneven but a topcoat smooths it all out. You can see in the picture below how it looks with the topcoat.

Julep Melissa – I’ve already swatched this one HERE since I received it in my March It Girl box.

I’m really excited about the basecoat. I have tons of basecoats but just from swatching these two polishes the basecoat seemed really nice. I look forward to getting the Julep topcoat in the future so I can have a complete Julep manicure. My BF claimed the cuticle oil for himself when he saw the roller ball. I used it a couple times and I still prefer my Lush Lemony Flutter. I prefer the creamy texture to the oil.

Did you get a Spring mystery box?


11 Responses to “Julep Spring Mystery Box”

  1. everysensory Says:

    Nice one! I love Sienna, it looks like the foil they wrap easter eggs in. Very nice 🙂

  2. mchichester Says:

    I am still debating about the mystery box! I’m afraid I will get a purple shade that I hate! Sienna is really gorgeous!

    • sugarmitten Says:

      I was kind of bummed that I got a shade that I already had since I’ve only been a Maven for 2 months I don;t have that many and I already got a duplicate. But the mystery part of it was really exciting and you are guaranteed to get more than you get in your regular monthly box.

  3. I’m excited for their next mystery box too I just hope I dont get repeated colors again. All your colors look really pretty especially Sienna, and I’m pretty sure I have that purple haha. I have a new Julep Top Coat, want it? Maybe we can do a nail polish swap or something haha

  4. am1ec Says:

    I have ever tried this brand…is it good polish?

    • am1ec Says:

      Never tried, opps

      • sugarmitten Says:

        I love it! It’s really good quality. They are available at Sephora now so you can go test it there if you are interested. I think the code COLORS4ONE still works to get your first box for a penny (it’s normally $19.99/month) you can cancel at anytime and you can also skip months without being charged. Plus they show you what you are getting before it ships and you have the option of switching to different colors or skipping it or you can even send it to a friend for the month. If you are interested in signing up if you click on this link: to sign up I get credit for it.

      • am1ec Says:

        oh fun I might have to try this :). Sounds like a great deal

      • sugarmitten Says:

        It really is, they have different boxes, the one that I get is It Girl and I get 3 nail polishes each month, the other boxes are 2 nail polishes plus a cream or scrub, etc. But like I said, you can always switch boxes each month too.

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