OPI The Amazing Spider-Man Collection April 10, 2012

OPI is launching six limited edition nail lacquers and one new shatter shade inspired by Sony Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man. According to Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, “The colors created for this promotion capture the movie’s exciting atmosphere, with standout shades like the deep shimmering blue Into The Night and the metallic golden green Just Spotted The Lizard.”

Your Web or Mine?
The perfect pink for sticky situations.

Into the Night
This perfect midnight blue was made for prowling

Just Spotted the Lizard
Be seen in this reptilian yellow-green.

Call Me Gwen-ever
Girlfriend, be sure to pick up when this urgent coral calls.
My Boyfriend Scales Walls 
Climb new heights with this cityscape white.
Number One Nemesis
Show your metal in this sparkling nickel.

Shatter the Scales
Deep green shimmer shatter coat.

This collection will be available May 2012 and retail for $8.50.

To find OPI in your area click HERE.

To see swatches click HERE.

For a pretty amazing Chanel Peridot dupe comparison click HERE.

The only one I am really loving from this collection is Into The Night. Which one’s caught your eye?


8 Responses to “OPI The Amazing Spider-Man Collection”

  1. everysensory Says:

    I love the look of Just Spotted the Lizard and Call Me Gwen-ever… but esp the lizard one 😀

  2. wickednails Says:

    I really like the color of Shatter the Scales but wish it wasn’t a shatter…I can’t seem to get into that look! I might give Just Spotted the Lizard a try, as it is something a little different.

    • sugarmitten Says:

      I loved shatters when they first came out but I rarely reach for them anymore. When I first saw the bottle shots of Shatter the Scales I thought it was really pretty but doubted i would actually use it. But now that I see swatches I really don’t care for it anyways.

  3. Sandie Says:

    Gorgeous colors!! I would like to own Number One Nemesis and Into the Night. 🙂 Eep, more OPI goodness to add to my already growing wish list!

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