Pastel Skittles with Easter Egg Nail Art April 5, 2012

I started by painting each nail a different pastel color. I like this look by itself and think it’s perfect for Easter or just a simple Spring Mani.

Then I decided to paint the nails with an Easter egg design. I just used a toothpick to draw a chevron print and dots in different colors on each nail.

Do you have any special designs planned for Easter?


8 Responses to “Pastel Skittles with Easter Egg Nail Art”

  1. rheaamayy Says:

    Hello 😀 I’ve nominated you!

    Love your design btw! Perfect for Easter! I was planning on having on some “Easter nails” but was kind of stumped for ideas. This has inspired me! Lol.

  2. I saw the first picture and I was like :O I love all the colors!! then I saw the designs and I was like triple :O!!! haha it’s beyond cute I love how this looks!

  3. NailDays Says:

    These are perfect for Easter! Love the pastel colors, and the patterns just turn them into tiny eggs! 🙂

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