Ombre April 1, 2012

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I’ve been wanting to do an ombre mani for a while now but every time I dig through my stash I can’t find 5 shades of the same color that I think go well enough together. Finally I decided on 5 purples that I think compliment each other pretty well. I had to use one of my striping lacquers in order to have enough! First time I’ve ever used a striping brush to paint my entire nail!

The colors aren’t quite showing up right in the pictures. The ring finger is the one that I used a striping lacquer on and it is much brighter than it appears in the pictures. And the middle finger is much less blue than it appears in these photos. When I first started seeing this mani popping up everywhere I wasn’t so sure about it but now that I see it on my nails I really like it!

The other day I bought a package of nail art striping lacquers. The one in the package that I was really drawn to was a purple and blue glitter. I couldn’t wait to try it and I thought this was the perfect opportunity so I added some stripes.



9 Responses to “Ombre”

  1. megis217 Says:

    Love the glitter! reading your post makes me want to change my polish! but i cant i must finish my homework!

  2. I love this! I have been wanting to try an ombre look for awhile. This is so pretty!

  3. everysensory Says:

    Nice job – I love how the stripes pull the whole lot together just that much more. 🙂

  4. storysmoking Says:

    really pretty, love the colors!

  5. I like your blog very much!

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