My Entry For My Awesome Beauty’s 6 Month Blog Anniversary Competition March 25, 2012

Sophie from My Awesome Beauty is hosting a competition to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of her blog. I’ve mentioned her before and her great blog before so hopefully you all have checked it out but if not this is a great time to do so. This competition goes through March 27th (winner announced April 6th) and there are some great prices at stake!

Sophie gave the option of replicating your choice out of two of her designs (she offers tutorials for both).

I am loving the neon paired with neutral combo that is everywhere this spring so I went with that.


I then decided to try the other design, it’s very similar to things I’ve tried in the past but the way she does it in her tutorial is different from how I’ve done it before so I thought that would be fun to try. I loved the colors I used so much that my fingers weren’t ready to part with them so I stuck with the same color scheme.

It’s amazing the things you can do with tape! Hope you enter the contest as well. If you do please leave a comment and let me know, I would love to check out your design too.

Happy Anniversary Sophie!


15 Responses to “My Entry For My Awesome Beauty’s 6 Month Blog Anniversary Competition”

  1. Mom Says:

    Love the colors!!

  2. NailDays Says:

    The colors used are perfect, brilliant for Spring/Summer! And such neat taping too, as hard as I try I can never perfect it! 🙂

    • sugarmitten Says:

      I can’t get enough neons right now and they are perfect paired with neutrals! Thank you! Mine don’t always turn out so great but some things that I find helpful is taking some of the stickiness out of the tape by sticking it to the back of my hand before using it and removing it from the nail right away while the nail polish is still wet.

  3. Erin Elizabeth Says:

    That is really cute! I like the color combination too. 😉

  4. am1ec Says:

    Wow great job…hope u win 🙂

  5. Hey Amy, this is so nifty! I’ve got some neon and pastel in my stash, so maybe I should take some tape out and give it a go! xx

  6. Tina B Says:

    I really like your designs (and the colors)!

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