Color Club Back to Boho Collection A Swatches March 20, 2012

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As I mentioned yesterday, I was super excited to find this collection over the weekend. My BF got me the other Back to Boho Collection as a gift months ago and I have been hoping to complete the whole set. I will be swatching collection B soon so look for that in the coming week or so.

Nomadic In Nude (2 coats, no top coat):

I am on the hunt for the perfect nude right now so this was the color that I was actually most excited about out of this collection. Unfortunately it was a little more taupe than nude but it is still a beautiful color.

Earthy Angel (2 coats, no top coat):

This is a pretty tan color. I normally don’t care for shades like this but this one I actually really like, I think it looks really nice with my skin tone. The picture really doesn’t capture it quite right, I think it looks more yellow in the picture than it is in person. It’s a nice creamy tan nude.

New Bohemian (3 coats, no top coat):

Gorgeous! The formula was a bit sheer but it built up nicely with 3 coats. New Bohemian is a bright pastel turquoise.

Shabby Drab (3 coats, no top coat):

This one photographs much bluer than it actually is. It’s a dusty periwinkle, maybe slightly more purple than blue. Based on the color in the bottle I didn’t expect to like this one as much as I did but it’s really nice and I have nothing else like it.

Rad Nomad (2 coats, no top coat):

Rad Nomad is a deep, dusty plum.

Red-ical Gypsy (2 coats, no top coat):

The formula on this one was watery. I’ve never had issues with the formula on any Color Clubs until now. It made the application messier than I like it to be but it turned out OK. It probably could have used a third coat but I didn’t feel like dealing with the messy formula any longer.

Overall I love this collection. Except for Red-ical Gypsy the formulas are all great. They are all super shiny without any top coat. I love all the colors (even Red-ical Gypsy). My favorites are Nomadic In Nude, New Bohemian and Rad Nomad.


5 Responses to “Color Club Back to Boho Collection A Swatches”

  1. Amanda (Mae) Says:

    these are so pretty! Such a nice boyfriend 🙂 lol

  2. Polish Me Up Says:

    I can never find packs of Color Club here. So lame -_-

  3. I like all the colors a lot! I am a nail polish addict, love that collection. xoxo

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