Grid March 11, 2012

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The Color Zone polish does not have a name printed on it. It came as a 3 pack of neon colors from Marshall’s a year or so ago. I’ve never heard of Color Zone before or seen it since  but a quick Google search turned up THESE pretties available on Ebay.


16 Responses to “Grid”

  1. I love how this looks!

  2. megis217 Says:

    this design is off the hook!!!!

  3. Amanda (Mae) Says:

    This is like perfect! And adoranle!! Love itty

  4. Amanda (Mae) Says:

    Stupid ipad…. Adorable* ittt!*

  5. Mom Says:

    Great job!!

  6. Marline Says:

    I love the nail designs. You did such a grat job. How did you do the grid ones? If you dont mind me asking.

  7. Airpan Says:

    I just found this and WOW. INSPIRATION! 🙂

  8. Airpan Says:

    How did you do that awesome grid? If you don’t mind telling? Thanks!

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