China Glaze Make Some Noise March 6, 2012

I have been craving some coral for my fingertips and this did the trick. China Glaze Make Some Noise is from the ElectroPop Collection. It’s a red/pink/coral jelly/creme. I love everything about this polish. The formula is amazing, glides on so smooth and shiny, dries quickly, 2 coats to perfection. The color is vibrant and juicy. I’ve had this on longer than I normally have most polish on and the durability has been amazing so far. It’s lasted through lots of dish washing, house cleaning, showering, etc. The things that normally tear up my nail polish faster than I can put it on.

What colors have your nails been craving lately?


2 Responses to “China Glaze Make Some Noise”

  1. Love how this looks on you! I really am liking this color a lot – I am currently wearing it. 🙂

    • sugarmitten Says:

      Thank you! I really loved everything about it. The formula and durability was amazing! And I loved the color! Definitely one of my favorite colors for Spring/Summer!

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