Disco Biscuit Re-Mix March 1, 2012

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Remember when I won Butter London’s Disco Biscuit from Justine of Well, I mentioned in that post that I would like to try Disco Biscuit over black and white so that’s exactly what I decided to do for this post.

The following pictures are 1 coat Black on Black, 2 coats Disco Biscuit, and 2 coats top coat.

I love Disco Biscuit over black, it completely loses the pink and you are left with that beautiful micro glitter, shimmery goodness.

Then I did 3 coats Alpine Snow, 3 coats Disco Biscuit and 2 coats of top coat. This was a nightmare to apply. I personally hate Alpine Snow, not sure if I got a crap bottle but mine is thick and goopy. It comes out so streaky and takes forever to dry. Mine is about half empty now so eventually I will be switching to a different white, any recommendations? So I’m not sure if it’s the Alpine Snow that caused the application of this to be so horrible. I had to do three coats of Alpine Snow because it was streaky and since it is so goopy, they were thick coats. When I applied Disco Biscuit over top it seemed like it was drying as I was brushing it on making it steaky. The more I tried to cover the streaks the streakier it got! Finally by the third coat it looked really good so I applied 2 coats of the top coat since Disco Biscuit is super gritty. But in the pictures it still looks streaky and you can see so much of the white showing through. I assure you, it looked amazing in person!! It was a super hot pink with tons of shimmer.


7 Responses to “Disco Biscuit Re-Mix”

  1. Omg I love Disco Biscuit over the black! I am going to have to try that ASAP. I thought you might like this too – I’m going to try out the color blocking soon with these two colors and I know you have Slapper already. it’s slapper with Old Bill (a beautiful gold), but you may have something very similar!

  2. megis217 Says:

    I want this pink!!!!! beautiful!

  3. Jellie Bean Says:

    I think it’s just white nail polish’s in general they are a nightmare I’m yet to find one that doesn’t take 3days to dry & needs a millions coats, if you find a good one let me know lol

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