OPI The Color To Watch February 22, 2012

I went for my check up appointment with the oral surgeon on Monday. Finally starting to feel some relief and slowly starting to eat solid food again 🙂 The oral surgeon happens to be located across the street from a Pure Beauty store/salon. If you aren’t familiar with Pure Beauty it is similar to Trade Secret. I haven’t been inside a Pure Beauty in a few years so I couldn’t remember what brands of nail polish they carried but thought I would check it out. I was hoping for China Glaze so I could pick up a couple from the ElectroPop Collection. If that was a fail, my second choice was Essie so I could get Navigate Her and maybe a couple others from that collection. Instead I was greeted with a table of discontinued OPI’s at a 30% discount…cha-ching!! They had some oldies from the Russian Collection of ’07, some from the South Beach Collection of ’09, Swiss Collection of ’10 and the Texas Collection from last year. Fortunately for my wallet they were mostly colors that I already had or had little interest in. So only one bottle made it’s way home with me.

The Color To Watch was from OPI’s 2010 Swiss Collection. I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw the bottle.

She’s pretty isn’t she?!?

It’s a very sheer light purple shimmer with some microglitter, duochrome, pearl…this baby is complex! In the following photos I have one coat on my pinkie, 2 coats on my ring finger, 3 coats on my middle finger, and 4 coats on my index finger so you can see how it builds.

With four coats plus top coat on all fingers…WOWZAS:

Added a little sumthin sumthin:

And it was complete.

I love this color! Pure Beauty was having a giant clearance sale (skin care, makeup, hair products) so if you live near one it might be worth a stop right now.


5 Responses to “OPI The Color To Watch”

  1. Mom Says:

    Don’t you get tired of changing the color all the time??

  2. Sarsha Says:

    I must have this immediately!! *searches online*

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