Zoya Kendal & Gemma February 19, 2012

Zoya Kendal and Gemma are the two that I picked up when they had the two for free deal a while back.

Kendal is from the Winter 2011 Feel Collection. It is a lavender with gray tones. These pictures are 2 coats of Kendal and one top coat.

Gemma is from the Spring 2011 Intimate Collection. It is a murky olive green with blue/purple duochrome shimmer. I love this color! I used two coats. In the pictures it looks more see through than it did in person. I think I would do three coats next time.


2 Responses to “Zoya Kendal & Gemma”

  1. Amanda (Mae) Says:

    ooh i like em both but I LOVE that green!

  2. Sarsha Says:

    Gemma looks so good! That color actually reminds me of green tea mochi, and it’s kind of making me hungry xD

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